Fluid Technologies, Inc. is a name we use with pride as we boast of our expertise and industry leadership.

We have over 20 years of experience dating back to the Fluid Power Research Center at Oklahoma State University . We continue to be leaders in testing technology through our involvement in the various committees overseeing filtration test standards, which gives our valued customers a strong confidence in our company and invaluable results.

We provide a variety of lab services including contaminant assessment, test materials, and fluid analysis. We also have test equipment services and technical training services.

General Information. Our customers take advantage of our expertise in a wide variety of services including contaminant assessment, test materials, fluid analysis, and technical training services. More specifically; Our cleanliness assessment of fluids and components is well known for fast turn-around and user-friendly reporting through our original, one-of-a-kind Wearscope program. We also offer test materials including automatic particle counter calibration fluid and specialty test contaminants. We offer an innovative, technically advanced solution to independent testing, engineering services and technology development needs.

Download Sample Reports and Photomicrograph images with our WearScope™ Online Service

Use bottle 74219 and Company Name "Demo" for a demonstration.
The WearScope™ session will time-out if inactive for over 60 seconds.

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